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June 23, 2006

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Lundum’s is the only Danish restaurant in London, which is a shame if Danish food is always this good. To be honest, there are a fair number of items on the menu which seem more ‘fusion’ than Danish, but some tradional dishes are there. 

Lundum’s is situated on the corner of Gloucester Road and the Brompton Road. It is pretty hard to miss with all the little lights on the outside walls. The restaurant has a slightly formal atmosphere produced mostly, I think, by the super efficient staff. They are still polite and are obviously accomodating too -  there was a family with a small child being catered for a few tables down from where we were. The decor is beautiful, although I think softer lighting at that time in the evening would be more appropriate.

To start I had the trio of salmon. This included gravadlax, smoked salmon and salmon tartare. It was absolutely wonderful! The salmon caviar was an especially nice touch. My boyfriend had a herring dish which was also excellent.

To follow I had a smoked cured duck breast which, apparently, is prepared for 52 hours. This also was exceptionally good -the duck melts in your mouth!  This was all accompanied by a very good bottle of French claret.

The meal came to about £115 in total but this was with a fairly expensive wine. This place is pricey but, given that it is in a very nice bit of London, it is to be expected. The wonderful food is well worth the money. I’d thoroughly recommend a visit to celebrate a special occasion.

The restaurant has a website here.

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  1. go there for sunday brunch it isn’t that expensive and is very good. it’s something like a buffet

    Comment by jack bedford — March 26, 2008 @ 11:03 pm

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