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June 23, 2006

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This is a favourite for post-show meals with my musical theatre society.

The decor here is very stylish, making a nice change from the garish styles of many other Indian restaurants. The staff are polite and accomodating. They’ve always been wonderful on our visits when there are 50 of us piling in!   

The food is expensive but in my experience has been of exceptionally good quality. As well as the old favourites there are a few fusion items on the menu. The King prawns with green beans are good. I’ve heard people speak in favour of the paneer dish too.

The thing that makes Khan’s stand out to me is the range of fish dishes. It seems that there are few Indian restaurants that offer any seafood apart from prawns. Khan’s has 3 or 4 dishes of salmon and white fish which are lovely. The wine list is excellent - I had a Beaujolais here which was the best I’ve ever had!

The place where Khan’s falls down is on its pricing. Mains can be up to £13 and portions are not as big as the the gut-busting tubs you get from take-aways. However, this is South Kensington. Everything is expensive.

In summary, Khan’s is a stylish restaurant with an exciting menu and good service. Prices are high but not horrendously so and the food quality makes up for it.

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