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June 2, 2006

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My Philosophy on Recipes.

I don’t follow recipes to the letter EVER. I don’t care what anyone says, even Delia gets it wrong sometimes.

However, I’ve decided to record what worked for me in the kitchen, so that it might be a good starting point for some of you to create your own recipe. Remember, no two people have the same set of tastebuds, and what is perfect for me will almost certainly not be perfect for you. But, hopefully, they will be good enough for you to adapt to your own tastes.

Since a fair bit of last minute tweaking goes on with my recipes and I often cook whilst drinking double gins with tonic, it is a good idea to note that all quantities are approximate, particularly for spices and dried herbs. I’ve taken the view that it’s best to be conservative with these then add more as you go.


Recipes By Ingredient
Poultry and Game Birds
Other British Game
Beef and Lamb
Alternative Game Meats (like Kangaroo, Ostrich etc)
Rice, Pasta and Other Carbs
Curry Powders, Sauces, and Others

Other Categories
Student Recipes

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