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June 7, 2006

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Here is a list of some of the restaurants I’ve been to and reviewed. As you can see, this page is still  very much under construction… more reviews will appear as I get time to find/write them. 

Memsaab (Modern Indian/Fusion), Imperial Wharf
Deep (Scandinavian, Seafood), Imperial Wharf
Saran Rom (Traditional Thai), Imperial Wharf
Yi-Ban (Chinese), Imperial Wharf
Kishmish (Indian), Fulham Broadway
La Rueda (Spanish, Tapas), New King’s Road

Shepherds Bush 
Ajanta Tandoori (Indian), Goldhawk Road
Chez Kristoff (French) Hammersmith Grove
Damera (Ethiopian), Goldhawk Road
Gioia Mia (Italian), Uxbridge Road
Vine Leaves (Greek), Uxbridge Road
Patio (Polish), Goldhawk Road
Renezio (Italian), Goldhawk Road
Rice (Thai) Shepherd’s Bush Road,
Mimouza (Moroccan) Shepherd’s Bush Green,

Gloucester Road/ South Kensington
Khan’s (Indian) nr South Kensington Station 
Kwality Tandoori (Indian) nr South Kensington Station 
Lundums (Danish) corner of Gloucester Road/Brompton Road
Pasha (North African) Gloucester Road

Kensington Olympia
Cibo (Italian) Russel Gardens

La Tasca (Spanish, Tapas) Chiswick High Street
Green Chilli (Indian) 220 King Street
Saigon, Saigon (Vietnamese) King Street

L’Orient (Oriental) Pinner High Street
Sazio (Italian)
Friends (Modern British) Pinner High Street

Elsewhere in London

Archipelago (fusion) Russell Square
Sugar Reef
 (fusion) Piccadilly
 Gordon Ramsay at Claridges (Modern European) Mayfair

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