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July 17, 2006

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I feel very lucky to have great restaurants like these five minutes from my front door! After trying out Memsaab (next door to Deep) I felt compelled to try out the other three restaurants in the new Imperial Wharf development. Deep was next on my list and, rather conveniently, I discovered it it at just the right time to give a birthday treat to a fan of Scandinavian and seafood restaurants. 

We arrived at Deep late on a Saturday night. Only three other tables were taken but the place still had a pleasant relaxed atmosphere. The decor here is simple. The walls are plain apart from displaying the restaurant’s name and each of the pure white tables is simply decorated with a single red rose. A selection of chillout dance music was playing which fitted in with the restaurant’s minimalist theme.

The service here is possibly the best I have experienced in London. The staff are informal and very friendly but extremely competent and efficient. We began the evening with two glasses of the house champagne (it was a birthday celebration after all!) It was very good stuff but unfortunately I didn’t get to find out what it was. 

The selection of dishes on the menu turned out to be small but each sounded very good. I chose the selection of herrings followed by steamed monkfish with eggs and prawn. My dining partner had a chilled smoked tomato soup with crab, followed by a sea bream fillet with orange and cumin.

In keeping with the current fashion, our amuse-bouche arrived just after we ordered. It was a deep fried battered anchovy with spooful of mashed potato. This was pleasant but I couldn’t help feeling that there are nicer things to do with anchovies. I was very pleased when our starters arrived. My herrings were fantastic!  They came with four different marinades: pickle, sweet onion pickle, dill and mustard, and sherry vinegar. Each one was delicious. The tomato soup was also very good. It was similar to a gazpacho but with a subtly smoky flavour and came topped with a lemon yoghurt and some fresh crab meat.

The main courses were also faultless. My monkfish was perfectly cooked. The sea bream fillet had a beautifully crisp skin and the accompanying orange and cumin broth was truly delicious. Sadly we couldn’t stay for dessert but the berries with elderflower chantilly sounded intriguing.

There is virtually nothing to complain about in Deep. My one small gripe was with the unpriced section of the starters. Four or five things were set at the “current market price.” Perhaps it is just me, but I feel embarrassed having to ask the prices and it put me off ordering any of those items.

I would say that Deep is very slightly overpriced. Mains average at about £18 and starters at around £8. Having said that, it is a great restaurant in what will soon become a very fashionable area and these prices are to be expected. It is certainly worth a visit for a special occasion.  

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