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June 16, 2006

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After reading the reviews of Saigon Saigon on London eating, I was very excited. I have to say that their ratings see a little enthusiastic. True, it is a good restaurant, but ratings of 8.5+ seem a bit much.

One thing to note is, if you happen to be there late on a Saturday night and are sitting by the front window, the very pleasant atmosphere of the restaurant is a bit tarnished by the bass beat of the nightclub or pub downstairs. You get used to it after a while, but it is irritating to begin with.

The staff here are excellent. Despite having a few problems with his English, our waiter was very helpful in telling us about the menu and making reccomendations. The decor and general atmosphere of the place is also very pleasant.

I found the food to be good but not amazing. The presentation was the best thing about it. Perhaps I am just not used to Vietnamese food (this was my first time trying it) but I would have to say that I have been more impressed by the Thai restaurants in the area. In particular the “mekong catfish” was a bit lacking in flavour. However the ” breaded soft shell crab” starter and the “beef on the fire” main were very pleasant. The other dishes were good, but not exceptionally so.

The meal did turn out to be excellent value for money, averaging at £35 for a hungry person. This included two courses and a mid price bottle of wine and the service charge.

In short I would recommend this restaurant. It is definitely good value for money.


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