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July 13, 2006

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After passing Kishmish on my way home a few times and being impressed by the decor of their front room, I investigated further. It turned out that the diners on London Eating were raving about it and so I felt compelled to give it a try.

I’m afraid I was quite disappointed. The decor is beautiful but that is all that is noteworthy about this place. On arriving we were greeted by the manager who was obviously flustered by the number of guests in the restaurant. We were shown into their rear dining room. This was beautifully decorated but a bit crammed and not very comfortable. The service was well meaning but inept. Our waiter was obviously trying hard but came close to taking the wrong order a couple of times. When I quickly corrected him he did point out that “no one had ordered that from him before.” He must have been quite new - you’d hope.  

It took them 20 minutes to realise that the starter i ordered was not in stock. When the staff were not actively dealing with customers, they acted as if the room was empty, throwing things onto the recently vacated tables as if no one else was in the room.

When the starters arrived they were beautifully presented. My second choice of Fish Vapunada (sp?) was delicious. The brie pakora was pleasant but less inspiring and the three way chicken tikka was a touch dry. I was deeply disappointed by my roast duck main course. It was overcooked and dry. The sauce was lovely and the red spinach wasn’t bad. It seems the other red meats were average but the chicken was, in general, very dry.

The wine list ranged from £14 to £65 and had a few you could order by the glass.I chose a glass of Argentinian Torrontes to accompany my meal. It was a reasonably good wine, perhaps a little overpriced, but still worth getting.

The price of the meal averaged at £25 per person with drinks. I think that this was a little too expensive for what we got.

Kishmish is aiming for the top end of the Indian restaurant market but falling very short. The menu promises a lot, but if you are trying to break away from the high street curry house, you need to be able to cook your speciality dishes properly. Unfortunately, Kishmish failed to deliver. If you are in Fulham, I’m afraid I’d have to recommend you try Memsaab, which is not far away and is a proper top end Indian restaurant. Either that or else find a good cheap old-style curry house. Better that than go for a failing middle price restaurant.

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