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June 24, 2006

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Walking into Patio is like walking into an elderly relative’s living room. The main dining area is kitted out with old fashioned furniture, mirrors and even a piano. The hand written menus are equally old fashioned and charming if a little difficult to read.

On each of my three visits the food has been very good. Things that stick out in my mind are the stuffed cabbage and the steak tartar. I’ve been told the bigos is very good too. A lot of the items on the menu will need explanation if you aren’t familar with Polish food but the staff are always happy to help out with this.

A particularly nice feature of meals here is the complimentary plate of cakes and flavoured vodka shots. This is before dessert even arrives!

The prices are very good. The set menu, which has a reasonable selection of dishes, is £15 for three courses. In short this is a good place to try out Polish cuisine.

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