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June 14, 2006

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I visited Sugar Reef with three friends before going to a concert. We had our table booked for 6pm, which meant that we were the only diners there.

The food was a massive disappointment The portions were small and the quality of the food was on a par with meals I’ve had in lower end pubs and chain restaurants. Some dishes also seemed to be missing ingredients, for example, the crab, mussel and prawn linguine didn’t appear to have any crab. We were lucky enough to have half price vouchers but it certainly wasn’t worth the £14-£20 you could end up paying for a main course.

One of our party was a vegetarian with an allergy to cheese. Both vegetarian main courses on the menu had cheese in them and she was disappointed to find out that the kitchen wouldn’t adapt either of these dishes or make something else for her. This certainly wasn’t what I expected from a good quality restaurant - It seems to suggest that their dishes are not freshly made.  In the end she had to be content with the tomato soup starter and some chips.

Sugar Reef does have some good points. The service was excellent. The staff are efficient but also relaxed and friendly. The decor is very stylish - I thought the darkened skylights that made it look like it was night-time were a nice touch. Also the drinks menu had a nice range of cocktails and martinis (although it would benefit from a more extensive wine list).

I won’t be dining at Sugar Reef again. There are plenty of restaurants around Piccadilly Circus that are far better. However the bar and club look like they might be worth a try

Ros - Thursday, June 10, 2004


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