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June 16, 2006

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My Rating: Food 6/10,  Service 9/10, Value for money 8/10 Atmosphere 10/10 

When I first encountered this place it was called Cazbar. I nearly cried when it temporarily disappeared! Fortunately it reappeared in the form of Mimouza a few months later.

It’s hard to miss Mimouza’s bright orange sign by West 12 shopping centre. Beneath it is a  doorway apparently leading into darkness. If you follow the stairway down you’re in for a real treat. This place has a fantastic atmosphere. Moroccan tapestries and artwork adorn the walls. North African music is playing. To your left are plenty of little alcoves with tables and cushioned seats, which seem designed for couples on a romantic date. In front of you is the bar and tables for larger groups. North African music is playing and, if you’re lucky and it is the weekend, you might see the belly dancer.

If you’re familiar with Moroccan food, then the menu will offer no suprises. There are various tagines and cous-cous dishes for the mains. The starters is the most varied part of the menu. There is a lovely chickpea soup and some aubergine based dishes which look great. I’m a fan of the bastilla, a semi-sweet pastry with a meat filling.

The mains come in huge portions. There is nothing particularly exciting there - it is all cous-cous and tagines - but the dishes are done well. I like the style of cous-cous they do here. It arrives still in plenty of liquid, which is absorbed a couple of minutes after it is put in front of you. The wine list has a selection of French wines and also some from Morocco, which are a little strange but worth a try.

The service here is excellent. On the one occasion when I got the wrong dish, they were extremely apologetic, replaced the dish with the correct one quickly and gave us an extra bottle of wine on the house. Unfortunately we couldn’t finish it as it was almost closing time, but given that this was at 1am, we didn’t complain! past midnight.

In summary, this is a nice Moroccan restaurant with great service and a fantastic atmosphere. The menu has classic Moroccan dishes which are well prepared and come in good portion sizes. Expect to pay £50-£60 for two courses and a bottle of wine. It’s a fantastic place for a  date!  

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