July 27, 2006

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Thank God for my big plate! It makes things look OK even when I just slap them down with no thought for presentation. 

Not Bombay Duck 

This is why students should not be allowed to turn foodie. Enough hall fire alarms have been started by inebriated first years trying to make  beans on toast. Imagine what would happen if they started trying to make their own curry at 2am!

Reminds me of my housemate last year. He came home one night a bit tipsy and felt like eating a venison and pigeon pie that he’d made the previous evening. He was looking impressivley sophisticated until he tried to eat the potatoes raw. :roll:

Anyway, I had no intention of blogging this concoction at first. After all, I’d come home at about 11:30 after the best part of a bottle of wine and a couple of gin and tonics (doubles, of course). It wasn’t likely to be a masterpiece even by my standards. Then, as I was serving up, I remembered a duck curry I’d had a few weeks back at a certain Indian restaurant. It made me wonder how they managed to get the duck so completely and utterly wrong!

Look back a few posts (or in the reviews section) and you’ll probably find the place I mean. They served up duck so dry that I could have mistaken it for overcooked pork. I had to wonder how they did it when an untrained drunk maths geek can manage after stumbling home in the middle of the night. This is the colour duck should be in my opinion!

Pink Duck close up

Pink and juicy with a crispy brown skin. It shouldn’t be solid and grey. It isn’t that hard to do either. Just fry the duck skinside down on a hot griddle for 8-10 minutes (until you see the sides of the breast are changing colour)   then fry it skinside up for two minutes. Wrap in in baking foil for two minutes then slice and serve. Simple. 

Apologies for the rant. This tasted very good. I can’t really provide a recipe because I improvised it all and can’t really remember what I was doing. The sauce was a mixture of natural yoghurt, cumin, coriander, ginger, cloves, cinnamon and a little tomato. In hindsight, I think cream would have been better than the yoghurt which left the sauce a touch “dry” but that’s a minor point. I served it with bombay potatoes (diced potato fried with mustard seed, curry leaves, whole cumin and coriander) and green beans. I’ll put up a recipe for bombay potato soon but you’re on your own with the sauce! ;)  

Bombay Potato Recipe

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