May 20, 2006

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For ages I thought that blogs were a rubbish idea. I still do. There are far too many people taking up webspace posting really boring details about their lives that no-one really cares about.

But now I’ve discovered food blogs my attitude is changing. I really like cooking and eating and, more importantly, cooking and eating ‘interesting’ things. I’ve got to the point where, if I’m looking through a recipe book or around the shelves in the supermarket I find I’ve seen and tried it all before. Even restaurant menus are looking old. So where do I look for ideas? It turns out that the most exciting and original recipes can be found online in food blogs. There are hundreds to sort through… these three are the best I’ve found.

Lex Culinaria

The Amateur Gourmet (refresh the page and look at the cool pictures at the top!)

The Passionate Cook

Now I’m making my own contribution. Maybe one day it’ll be nearly as good as these guys’ pages.

I guess I’d better sort out a design, think of a name and get a camera!

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  1. Some people WILL click and see what your first post was. Especially another new food blogger - like me. Nice read - I had fun and got hungry too!

    Comment by Amanda at Little Foodies — April 27, 2007 @ 5:05 pm

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