July 29, 2006

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I bet you can tell where this one’s going, can’t you? Yes, I finally used up those lamb hearts that I’d been torturing my flatmates with and made this.

Heart casserole

The recipe was pretty simple. I cut the hearts into inch thick slices and then casseroled them in red wine with a load of vegetables. What really struck me about this dish was the flavour and texture of the hearts. They are really very good! I’d been led to believe that heart was a really tough flavourless meat and I’d be chewing on it for hours. That was not the case at all. They were quite tender. Perhaps this was down to the slow casseroling,  but they were so different from what I was expecting. The flavour of the hearts was similar to that of liver but more meaty.  

My poor vegetarian flatmate wandered into the kitchen when those things were sitting whole in the microwave and defrosting. She was suprisingly calm and didn’t flinch when I proceeded to cut them in half and slice them up - not  even when I said, “Ooh look, you can see the aorta.” I’ve already scared the other two girls and they aren’t even vegetarian! I’ll have to try harder with this one.

This definitely falls into the category of budget meals. The hearts cost 55p and, if I’d casseroled them in something tomato based, the whole meal would have cost under a pound. The red wine did add a fair bit to the price of the meal.

Sometime soon I’ll make hearts again and turn it into a student recipe! For now, this recipe is here.

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