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October 31, 2006

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When I say seared…


I mean seared! None of this medium-well rubbish the pubs dish up! :p

I saw this tuna steak sitting on the Sainsbury’s fish counter and I couldn’t believe no one had snatched it up. It was about an hour till shutting time and still it hadn’t gone! I don’t understand why. It was a big, juicy, deep red, beautiful piece of fish and you could tell it was fantastically fresh. I had to have it.

Tuna seems to be frequently reserved for asian style dishes. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I’d had a sesame-chilli tuna dish last week, courtesy of Goon, so I wanted something different. I was vaguely aware of a dish made with tuna fish and cannelli beans but my internet browsing seemed to suggest that canned tuna was the usual thing to use.

Why have canned tuna when you can have lovely steak? Well, apart from the obvious price issues. ;)  I decided to make up my own tuna and cannelli bean recipe.

First I made up a marinade. I mixed equal quantities of lemon juice and olive oil. The oil had come from my tub of artichoke hearts so was flavoured with garlic, herbs and had also taken on some flavour from the hearts. I also added a large crushed clove of garlic, a bit of finely chopped parsley and some tomato puree. I coated the steak and left it sitting for a few hours, covered, at room temperature since it was very cold already.This meant that by the time I wanted to cook it, it was just the right temperature.

I made the cannelli ban concoction by softening some onion with parsley, garlic and thyme then adding vegetable stock and simmering it right down until thick. Then I added some chopped celery and the beans and cooked for a couple of minutes so the celery was still crunchy but had absorbed some flavour from the stock.

Finally I seared the steak for just over a minute per side, and served it on the cannelli beans topped with a big chunk of thyme butter, with a side of fine asparagus tips. Not bad at all for a quick and easy meal. :D

tuna and canelli beans

Shame its a bit too pricey to offer to that student magazine.

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