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November 16, 2006

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Why, why, WHY do I get myself into things like this? Goon’s brother came to visit for the weekend and Goon wanted to show off the high class life style he lives down here in London. Naturally, my cooking had to feature as it makes up about 50% of his diet now. So, what did I say? I said, “Yeah, sure, I’ll cook a three course meal.” 

It’s true I like to impress, but that was just dumb.For a start I didn’t get to Goon’s until 7pm. Not good as I hadn’t done any prep work. I started by making the dessert, my alchoholic cherry cheesecake,  as it needed a long time to chill. The base was simply crushed digestive biscuits soaked with amaretto and set with butter . While that was in the freezer, I whipped together some cream cheese, marscapone and double cream for the middle and added some lemon juice and zest. Then I made the topping with black cherries simmered in their own juices with some sugar and a good slug of cherry brandy.

Alcoholic cherry cheesacake

After assembling that and leaving it chilling in the fridge I moved onto the main: ostrich ‘wellington’. My ostrich had been marinating in a mixture of apricot brandy and orange juice. I coated it lightly with a duck and port pate, wrapped it in some rather haphazard rosemary crepes  (the weighing scales had gone walkabout so I had to guess quantities) and wrapped it all in puff pastry.

Ostrich Wellington

And yes, I had the practially blue bit in the middle. :D  

Finally it was time to make the starter, just in time for everyone to arrive. This was seared scallops with ‘champagne’ (or cava) risotto and truffle oil. No major hiccups here, despite this being the first time I cooked scallops. The only problem was I had forgotten to buy any nice looking salad so I had to borrow some iceberg leaves.

Goon and the others turned up at about 10:30pm, so dinner was very late. I was fairly pleased with all of it. I think that there might have been better risottos to make than a champagne flavoured one but I thought the title sounded impressive. The ostrich Wellington was great. I didn’t expect it all to be eaten but it was devoured pretty quickly.

So quickly that it got half eaten before I could get proper shots. Here is a slice with somenew potatoes beans and a port reduction. I think Simon (Goon’s brother) enjoyed it and that was the main point. :)


  1. allo never had beef wellignton but that looks fab

    Comment by kirsten — November 17, 2006 @ 6:15 pm

  2. sorry mis read ostrich looks fab i arranged buying some goat the other day and its really nice i was very suprised

    Comment by kirsten — November 17, 2006 @ 6:17 pm

  3. Love your site. I’ve spend all day surfing for ostrich recipes. Your site came way way down: it should have come near the top, as it was the most useful. I would like to know the details - time and temperature for cooking your ostrich wellington - as I plan to cook it the weekend after this one. I’ve bookmarked your site so I don’t lose it.
    Best wishes, Gerry.

    Comment by Gerry — January 26, 2007 @ 2:53 pm

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