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November 21, 2006

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Rule no 4 when trying to get good photos of food: Don’t let a goon carve your meat.


guinea fowl and pomegranate


Apart from being hacked to pieces, this guinea fowl was fantastic. It was even better for costing £2! :D The idea for the pomegranate dressing came from Gordon Ramsay but I didn’t like his recipe. It used orange juice and grapefruit juice. I thought it all sounded a bit too citrusy and I thought I’d prefer the pomegranate flavour to come through more.

After a bit of thinking, I decided that rosewater had a nice subtle flavour that would complement the delicate pomegranate. So I juiced up two and a half pomegranates and added just under two tablespoons of rosewater and a tiny bit of honey. The guinea-fowl was roasted with butter under its skin and a honey glaze over it.

And the combination was perfect! :)  We had some cous-cous tossed in olive oil and topped with pine nuts as an accompaniment. A very tasty light meal!

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