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November 27, 2006

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Living near the Goldhawk Road is something of a mixed blessing. On the one hand there are bullet holes in some of the windows, a large number of unsavoury characters that hang around late at night and a very obvious brothel.

On the other hand the road has a suprising number of very well priced good quality restaurants. Last week i returned to the Polish restaurant Patio which has impressed me each time I have visited it.

The decor here is homely, much like you’d expect a Polish Grandma’s living room to be. The service is very efficient, occasionally a touch brusque but never rude.

I have to recommend the £16 three course menu. There are a variety of Eastern European Specialities including white borsht, herrings with soured cream and Bigos (Hunter’s Stew). I think you’d be hard pressed to find food of equal quality at this price. My main course of Duck Polonaise was to die for. They certainly have perfected the technique of producing wonderful juicy slow roasted meat that melts in the mouth.

Patio Duck Polonaise

The roasted lamb was equally good. The starters and desserts paled in comparison to the main courses but were still of a very good standard. The meal comes with a choice of flavoured vodka and each one I have had so far has been very nice. This comes from someone who usually hates vodka!  

Patio Apple Charlotte

The wine list is also reasonable (£10-£20 ). The Beaujolais I had with my meal certainly was worth the price.

So if you live in this area you should try Patio. It’s reasonably priced with good service and excellent food.


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