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December 5, 2007

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Yes, I know, I’ve been rubbish recently. There’s been far too much marking and not enough cooking in my life but in just over a week term will end and I’ll be posting properly again over the break.

In a few hours I’ll be announcing a competion run exclusively for readers of this site by Hotel Chocolat which will give you a chance to win some of their very delicious Christmas range.

In the mean time, one of my lovely and very talented year 12s has asked me to point you in the direction of a competition which he has entered himself.

Chris Toumazis is a talented singer and has made an excellent cover of the track ‘Where is My Mind’ by The Pixies, which you can listen to on his Myspace page.


Thic cover has been entered into a Rock School competition on London’s XFM Radio Station. He has already been invited into XFM and played as the station’s house band. It has been a wonderful experience for him so far but he has a chance of going even further in the competition. He has made it to a shortlist of the top 10 bands and its all now to a public vote to progress further in the competition. He needs your vote to get into the final 3, which will give him a chance to play at the Brixton Academy on Sunday 9th December, playing in front of 5,000 people. Please click on the link below and it’s really easy and only takes a minute.


Once in the web, select London radio station Click on blue Voting is now Open There is a 1st choice option – drop down screen and choose Chris.T The other options are up to you! Scroll down to listen to his version of the Pixies, Where is my Mind. If you like the song, please forward this to your friends! . Please, Please VOTE Voting started on friday and closes at Midnight Wednesday 5th December 2007. Thanks for voting.

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