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August 20, 2008

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There have been a few occasions when I’ve wondered why I blog. With the abuse from former students, the idiots who ‘tlk in txt spk n thnk yr fd lks dsgustin rofl lmao’ and the sheer amount of time it takes to write a post and upload some pictures, you have to wonder why we bother.  But then I remember all the fantastic people I’ve met through this site: other bloggers, a few readers and various people in the food industry. That makes it worthwhile in itself. Then there the few occasions when you get invited to some really great events.

Last Friday I was lucky enough to be asked along to have a look around the Covent Garden Night Market. This is a summer special. It runs through August on Thursday and Friday evenings hosting some fantastic stalls and catering for a variety of tastes. As well as tasty things to munch on while you’re there you’ll find all kinds of foodie delights: breads, meat, game, teas and coffees and Italian olive oils and vinegars as well as some of the Borough Market regulars. 

I arrived shortly after 6pm last Friday, just in time to meet some other food bloggers including Helen, Julia, Niamh and Krista before the entertainment began. 

Each Friday at 6:30pm the kitchen theatre on the West Side of the market plays host to some great chefs. Last week it was the hairy bikers who cooked up a three course meal of a starter with seared scallops and salmon, a Tuscan style beef salad and a dessert of zabaglione.

Hairy Bikers

The Hairy Bikers, being their hairy, entertaining selves.

HAiry Bikers2

 Si slices delicious fillet steak. I am jealous.

 Let me assure you that fillet steak was amazing. If I heard correctly, it came from the Northfield Farm stall at the market. Apparently on the 28th of August, the guest chef will be Fergus Henderson.  Pig’s ear salad, here I come!

After that little spectacle and almost being eaten alive by a Hairy Biker’s irate fan who NEEDED to be close to the bikers, it was time to explore the market along with Julia from a Slice of Cherry Pie and Niamh of Eat Like a Girl. The first port of call was obvious for me.

Prosecco and oyster stall
Quick! Join the queue before they run out!

Who could say no to oysters and prosecco? Ok, it supposedly isn’t the best season for them but they were still very good and at £10 for 6 oysters plus a glass of bubbly, they aren’t too badly priced. If you decided to indulge, try not to be like me and spill oyster juice down your arm and skirt. I smelled like fish for the rest of the evening. Classy.

As we sat and ate our oysters, I thought how nice it was to meet other food bloggers, especially after corresponding for so long over messages and e-mail. It was comforting to be chatting to two other young women and find out that they’re just as terrified of motherhood as me and for the same reasons. It’s not just the commitment or the physical and financial strain that worries us, oh no. It’s the thought of 9 months with no cheese, wine or rare meat! 

Continuing to explore the West Piazza, we found some very tasty salami.

 Chorizo stall

It’s a shame that the wild boar sausage had sold out by the time we got there but we got a taste of the spicy salami. I must say it was absolutely delicious with a substantial spicy kick.

And here we have a paella pan with paella.There’s always paella at these markets, isn’t there?


Also present were Manor Farm. I have recommended these guys for years. If you want to catch them at Covent Garden, go EARLY. They sold out fast.

Finally, I got a briefly introduced to Michelle of The Lavender Bakery who is selling some beautiful cupcakes.



Look at the little biscuits! They’re sooo cuuute!    


This is Michelle’s first venture into retail and she is doing a marvellous job. If cupcakes are your thing, please go and support her.

All in all this was a very enjoyable evening. The mood was set well by the kitchen theatre and the stalls are fabulous. This time I only explored the West of the market but I will be back next Friday to have a look at the stall selling the flavoured teas and coffees that Niamh took advantage of and the stall with all the lovely olive oils. In fact, Goon is moving to a flat just 10 minutes away, so I imagine dinner next Friday will be from Covent Garden Market. Probably with some of that fillet steak. 


  1. Great post, Ros & gorgeous pics. I absolutely agree with you, there are times when there’s, frankly, no time and I struggle trying to blog, but then a lovely event like this comes along or there’s lovely feedback and I am filled with enthusiasm to continue :-)

    The tuscan spicy sausage was amazing btw - practically all gone by Sunday. Ooooops. I want to go back and get more.

    Comment by Niamh — August 20, 2008 @ 11:43 am

  2. I’m heading down there next Friday, I can’t wait! Lovely photos.

    Comment by Lizzie — August 23, 2008 @ 1:55 pm

  3. Meeting other bloggers is one of the great an unexpected perks of blogging - glad you had a good time! I’m sorry I missed the chance to join you - but definitely another time :)

    Comment by Jeanne — August 31, 2008 @ 6:13 pm

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