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October 27, 2006

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To replace my previous review of Saran Rom, here is one that is more reflective of the restaurant’s true capabilities.

The first time I visited the restaurant it was a bad night. The management staff were away and the new head waitress appeared to not be living up to their high standards. This is a shame as when the manager, Kanjana, invited us back the experience was fantastic.

A special mention should go to our waiter, Greg, who was superb throughout the entire meal. He demonstrated an excellent knowledge of the menu and was competent and friendly throughout the evening.

We started out evening with some delicious cocktails. This time we weren’t paying. :D   but from what I could see, the high prices were more than worth it for the excellent standard of the drinks.

The food was  excellent. The green curry starter I had was better than any I have had in Thailand. The red snapper with mango sauce main blew me away completely. I have literally been in my kitchen every evening since, trying to replicate the wonderful flavours. The lamb dish also was gorgeous and the coconut rice was a wonderful idea and well executed.

All through the evening the waiting staff were faultless.

The highlight of the evening for me was the Irish Coffee. I don’t want to give too much away but try it- it is truly spectacular.

In short, Saran Rom is an excellent quality restaurant that pays great attention to customer service. The food is great, the staff are even better and it is an experience you will not forget. Thoroughly recommended. 

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